Prince of Fools (Red Queen’s War) Fan Art Contest


POF UKLiar's key UK coverThis post is to announce a fan art contest with entries featuring characters, scenes or objects from Mark Lawrence’s fantasy novel,

Prince of Fools.

To enter the competition create an original piece of two-dimensional art (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, etc) and email it to us by

clicking HERE.

The best three entries will receive early copies of the second book of the trilogy,

The Liar’s Key (UK edition),

provided for this competition by



There’s also a random prize offered to a random entry by Mark Lawrence!


Please note:

By original art we understand that we are looking to see art featuring original elements conceived and created by you, the artist. It was brought to my attention however that my initial announcement wasn’t precise enough in this matter, for this reason we will accept manipulated images, too, as long as they don’t violate any copyright laws and not include any copyrighted material, or trademarks or logos owned by another party. Your entry mustn’t be a copy of a photo/artwork that you do not own or have permission to use.

You can submit as many entries as you like.


We received a very nice entry from a contestant today, who couldn’t paint for a while due to illness but read the Broken Empire books during this time (currently finishing Emperor of Thorns) and felt so inspired by this contest that she started painting again.
She wrote “The scene that stayed with me was the one where Jorg gave his son to Gorgoth. That’s what I wanted to paint.”

We felt so touched by her email that we decided to loosen the rules and

start accepting entries from both the Broken Empire and the Red Queen’s War series.

30th April 2015


The contest closes on Friday, 15th May and will be judged by



                     Jane Johnson                                                             Mark Lawrence                                                           Agnes Meszaros                         

Author & Harper Voyager Publishing Director          Surely Needs No Introduction Here                  Writer, Blogger, That Thorn Guy Caretaker


Banner art by Enife


Due to individual setups the Mailto link might not work properly in some cases.

If that happens for you just drop me a message through the contact form and I get back to you – A


1. Lisa DeVeer by P.S.



2. Hunted by Alicia Wanstall-Burke



 3. The Locket by Michael McClung

locket prince fools sub


4. The Silent Sister’s Trap by Andrea Luhman



5. Gorgoth with Jorg’s son by Joyce van Paassen

Gorgoth1 Gorgoth2


6. Approaching the Circus by Garrett Rentz

approaching the circus


7. The blood of Odin by Ivenn



8. Prince Jalan on the Balcony by Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown


9. Skilfar by Ivenn



10. Fight by Joy Cronje

Joy Cronje


11. Jalan and Snorri by Noc Tuidus

Jalan and Snorri


12. Chibi Jorg by Kirava1




13. Fool girl by Pen Astridge



14. The Prince on Stage by Nikoletta Lazar



15. Snorri and the Graveyard Unborn by John Stewart



16. Bear, meet Snorri by Marc Esber




17. The Silent Sister’s curse by Leona Henry



18. Is Revenge A Science Or An Art by Nian Vervoort 

Is Revenge A Science Or An Art


19. The Casanova of Vermillion (non-competing entry) by Agnes




20. The Good, The Bad and The Angry by Kareem Freshpots Mahfouz



21. Prince Jalan by Flóra Nagy

Flora Nagy


22. Jorg Ancrath by Jasmin Hierl



23. Aslaug by Jedidja van Oene

Aslaug - Jedidja van Oene


24. The Thorns of the Fool  – Jorg and Jalan by Yasmeen Al-Maimani

Thorns of the fool


25. Jal and Snorri by Clare Henry



26. Aslaug and Snorri by Joel Bastide

Aslaug and Snorri


27. Breaking the Curse with Fexler’s Help by Ivenn

(a scene from the artist’s imagination)



28. The Silent Sister and the Red Queen from a painting in progress by Simon Schmidt

silent sister-sm

the red queen-sm


29. Prince Jalan by Vivien Horváth

Prince Jalan

Jorg and the Dead King by Vivien Horváth

Jorg and Dead King

Jalan and Jorg by Vivien Horváth

Jalan and Jorg


  1. I just love all the entries, especially Gorgoth and Jorg’s child. 9, 11 and 13 would have to share second spot but the rest is so awesome as well! I just love it that people can enjoy a book sooo much that they are inspired to make art for it. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow these are all great!!!😃 I couldn’t recreate a stick figure!!! Hate to be the judge on this one!!!! Lovely work guys!!!!😊


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