Mentions & appearances






BristolCon 2016 – Leona’s Blog of Shadow


A Trip to BristolCon – Ben Galley vlog 





pic9Fantasy-Faction Grim Gathering: Bristol 2015 & ‘Skull Throne’ ARC Competition!!! – Fantasy-Faction


Grim Gathering II, aka “There’s a queue outside a f**king bookshop” – T.o. Munro

The Grim Gathering 2015 – Peter Newman

The Skull Throne Tour: the Grim Gathering – Peter V. Brett

Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering part 1: “Hell is other people” – Steff Humm

Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering part 2: “You write wrong” – Steff Humm





On Meeting Gods – Amber Restorative’s


Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering – Peter V. Brett


Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering – CUB Magazine


Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering – Vikki Patis on Readwave


Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering – Ashana Lian








A series of fortunate events – Mitriel Faywood




Special Needs in Strange Worlds | Mark LawrenceBroken Heroes  – Bookworm Blues


A relationship built on coincidence: or, a conversation with Jane JohnsonJackie Morris Artist







 An interview with Jane Johnson – Mitriel Faywood








Jane Johnson on Mark Lawrence’s The Broken EmpireHarper Voyager


Why do we need stories – Fantasy Faction



561507_650026291708750_1764556193_nThe Allure of Jorg Marc Aplin




BristolCon 2013 – Luke Scull





Reddit Fantasy AMA 2018

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2017

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2016

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2015

Reddit Books AMA 2014

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2014

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2013

Reddit Fantasy AMA 2012 




Guest posts:

Guest Blog: Mark Lawrence, Author of Prince of Thorns – The Clarion Foundation

Mark Lawrence tells about his experiences as a debut fantasy author – Risingshadow

Mark Lawrence talks to Mark Lawrence about The Broken Empire Harper Voyager

Mark Lawrence on finishing The Broken Empire Harper Voyager

Mark Lawrence on Scary Shit Staffer’s Book Review

Triumph Over Tragedy Guest Post – Bookworm Blues

Mark Lawrence guest blog as Liar’s Key publishes tomorrow! – Harper Voyager

Mark’s (fluid) Top Fantasy – Drey’s Library

Mark Lawrence on Fantasy World Building – Bookworm Blues

On Star Wars and Broken Empire – Broken homes in fantasy: Why are unhapppy families so great to write? – Harper Voyager

Writing JourneysThe Dragon’s Blad

What to expect in Mark Lawrence’s new novel Red Sister – Harper Voyager


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