The Girl and the mountain giveaway

I’m giving away two signed (or upon request dedicated) US hardcovers of Mark Lawrence’s upcoming novel, THE GIRL AND THE MOUNTAIN

To participate simply comment below with a Mark Lawrence character from any of his books/stories that you’d like to read more about.

The giveaway will end on 2nd April 2021 and as usual, I will ask Mark’s  help with randomly selecting the winners.

This is, as always, an international giveaway, anyone can enter!

Wishing you the best of luck – Agnes

Please note: your email address will be required for the submission but will NOT appear on the website!

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Pre-order links for The Girl and the Mountain on Amazon US and UK

US cover reveal interviews and more information on the book:

About ‘The Girl and the Stars’ by Mark Lawrence (no spoilers)

The Girl and the Mountain US Cover Reveal


  1. I was a very big fan of Road Brothers. I would love to see a series of short stories from the cast of characters from Abeth. Really, endless opportunities to explore minor characters or dive a bit deeper into the past of more prominent ones.



    I’ve always wanted to know more about William Ancrath, the Dead King, either a story from his and Jorg’s childhood which Jorg was unaware of, or more of his time after newly deceased.


  3. Sister Apple is my favourite character, would love more stories about her. Pan or Tallow would also be very interesting.


  4. I would like to read more about the Red Queen and her siblings during her early days as Queen before the Prince of Fools.


  5. I’ve got to say justice the dog with Jorg when he was younger. Broke my heart reading what happened to him.


  6. I just read through the comments and supply and demand says you’ve a lot of writing to do. Hoorah.

    I’ll read anything you write.


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