Bound, the first Book of the Ancestor short story will be out soon!


I’m sure many readers will be pleased to hear that Mark has written a Book of the Ancestor short story, which he’ll be self-publishing sometimes in the next few months. It’s 16,000 words long and sits between Grey Sister and Holy Sister in the Book of the Ancestor trilogy. (Which means only read it once you finished reading Grey Sister.)

For now, seeing that it’s a single short story, there will only be an electronic version available to purchase. There are no pre-order links yet, but it would be very much appreciated if you marked it as “Want to Read” on Goodreads to help Mark raise awareness of its upcoming publication.

The story focuses on an incident involving Nona, Ara, and Regol with support from Kettle, Ruli, and Jula. I personally think it’s Mark Lawrence at his best, and if you loved Red Sister and Grey Sister, you will absolutely adore this little gem.

Here’s to hoping that it will be with you for Christmas!


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  1. Tis done…I want to mention, I am adamantly against purchasing any electronic book. Ever since Kindle pulled a fast one on me, my dream of being like Gillian in Stranger in a Strange Land, reading Just So Stories as it scrolled across the ceiling has been dashed.
    But for Nona, I can take the hit. 🙂

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