Announcing the winner of the Grim Gathering 2017 Caption Contest


Many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the contest. Special thanks to Mark Lawrence for providing a prize for this competition and selecting a winner, who is: Eamonn Wilson! Congratulations!


Please find below the photos once again with the best captions added under each:


Photo #1

“So, since you are probably never gonna get one, I can show you guys, that a David Gemmell Legend Award is like this big.”

by Dávid Balogh


Photo #2

Peter: “smell this one guys”
Anna: “Oh my god please no!”
Mark: “I can hold my breath for 3 minutes watch”
Peat and Joe: “who fucking cares? That sounded hilarious”

by Lee Brooks 


Photo #3

Anna: “It’s so sad how kindles mean people have forgotten how to open real books.”

by T.O.Munro 


Photo #4

Mark “..and if you put 58008 into a calculator and turn it upside down, you get…”
Joe “heh heh BOOBS….”
Peter “that’s BRILLIANT!!”

by Eamonn Wilson 



One comment

  1. That’s a surprise and an ‘alf.
    I’d like to thank thatthornguy, Mark…. The Academy….

    Seriously though, thank you! You made my day… wellllll year if I’m ‘onest.



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