On the upcoming Road Brothers UK Print Edition

For those of you who might have missed my report last week I thought I would summarise here the expected contents of Road Brothers, which HarperVoyager UK has been planning to publish in print toward the end of this summer!*

The original list of short stories available in the electronic version are as follows:

A Rescue
Sleeping Beauty
Bad Seed
The Nature of the Beast
Select Mode
A Good Name
The Secret
Know Thyself

In addition there will be four new stories in the print edition: ‘No other Troy’, which originally appeared in the Broken Empire Omnibus published by Grim Oak Press, “The Weight of Command”, a story featuring brother Burlow and brother Sim, “Escape”, a story about the Nuban, and a Jalan short story titled ‘Three is the Charm”!

I think we’re all very much looking forward to this. HarperVoyager, bring it on!


*update: publication date might be pushed back to later this year

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