Grim Gathering Caption Contest – Photo #3


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  1. Joe: Are you sure you aren’t Simon Pegg?
    Newman: No Joe, I wrote the Vagrant… you invited me… Any of this ringing a bell?
    Joe: You look just like him. It’s too bad you aren’t, THAT guy is awesome!
    Newman: ………..


  2. ‘Imagine we are in the Titanic.’ Joe said.
    ‘Please gods, don’t let Joe start singing again…’ Newman said.
    ‘I’ll always love yoooouuuuuuu.’
    ‘Man, this is embarrasing.’


  3. JA: “So Newman (laughs), Newman the New Guy. Geddit? I’m sorry it’s very funny.”
    PN: “Yes Joe, that’s the forth time you’ve made that joke.”


  4. Tsk, tsk, a round neck t-shirt? Damn your eyes man, that’s so last season, don’t you know it’s all about the plunging v necks?!


  5. JA, Ah shit, I have to introduce you, now this is awkward, errr you have a book, errr it will be very good, Peter Newman everyone 🙂


  6. Gee Peter, you sure are taking this in stride … it’s almost as if you’re used to this amount of adulation. Are you a secret agent using this author-thingy as a cover?


  7. Very British Problems: Smiling graciously while the man in the next seat serenades you with a One Direction song.
    (Translation: Get away from me, you perv!)


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