Grim Gathering Caption Contest – Photo #2


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  1. It’s easy guys. You make a pithy comment on the microphone about how great my books are, then you slug 2 fingers of this vodka. Then pass the mic to your left. We need to break 2 minutes to beat the record.


  2. I don’t understand what’s so funny Peat, The Broken Empire will eventually sell more books then The Demon Cycle….it will…No seriously….Ok stop laughing….


  3. I didn’t notice until after, when I reached for the roll…it was empty! Who would leave an empty roll of TP in a public venue, and not replace it? Why is this so funny to you?!


  4. No seriously, you have to have a beard to be a successful fantasy author, try shaving it off and see Skull Throne plummet down the charts into obscurity.


  5. ‘Do you want to break her goddam heart? Buy the frikken book already! I’ll shoot puppies if I have to…’ Mark said.
    ‘Big deal. You already made us watch as one was crippled with a hammer and set on fire.’ Peter replied.
    ‘HAHAHAHAHA PUPPIES ON FIRE!!’ Joe started laughing and Peter followed him, spreading the laughter.


  6. “I was drunk and got myself in a bar fight once. He knocked me down. Big man, solid voice. I returned with a blind jab and won. It actually surprised me. 30 minutes later, I got sober and realized he was just THIS tall.”


  7. “I swear, it was this big! It would have eaten me if I’d given it the chance! I decided to write books after that.”
    Mark explaining why he gave up on his dream of breeding prize rats.


  8. Mark: You should see me shake my groove thang. It’s a wonder to behold.
    Peter (thought bubble): Suuuure it is. And Jorg is a cuddly teddy bear…


  9. They said they wanted me to replace all the killing with reasonable conversations, so I sold my series to another publisher


  10. And Abercrombie was like “Just the tip” and we all laughed our asses off. That Joe Abercrombie is smooth.


  11. So then he says “One more, Jorg.” i know right but just wait..he keeps saying it. I know! He keeps saying it until there’s no more legs to break! i know, i know but hold on that’s not even the best part, then he..haha..then he burns him alive anyway!


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