Grim Gathering Caption Contest – Photo #1


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  1. “… and the temptation to just have the demons give Ahmann a kitten and call the war quits was almost too much to resist”
    “We’ve all been there”


  2. So no shit! There I was, knee deep in table. When out of no where this giant hand comes flying at my face. Crazy I tell you, crazy!.


  3. “…and Joe’s books were still giving me monstrous, crippling headaches of doom, which is why I started writing my own fantasy.”


  4. At that moment I realized 2 things…. not even THIS was enough toilette paper… and it was the last of the TP.


  5. Caption under Joe: Bloody American! Stealing my thunder with his bloody demons…hmmm…how to shut him up without turning into the Bloody Nine…


  6. Peter was talking about when GRRM would release Winds of Winter, when this hand came out of the water jug and slapped him round the face.


  7. “I don’t know man, he said ‘spotted dick’ and I just kinda… punched him. British food is, uh, confusing.


  8. The burger filled my hand. Two all beef patties, a melted slice of american cheese, two slices of bacon, an onion ring, and a fried egg squeezed between the halves of a fresh kaiser roll. It was…beautiful. *tear*


  9. “And then everyone lived happily ever after. It was horrible, I tell you! The most terrifying thing I’d ever seen.”


  10. …and now ladies and gentlemen, as a final demonstration of my awesome mind control powers, I will make Joe punch himself in the nose!


  11. PB: They were so big! I never knew they could be so big. I tried to grab one and I couldn’t wrap my hand around it…
    JA: Note to self– Peter Brett is grabby.
    PN: Where’s the nearest exit?


  12. “You see, Jorg’s balls were simply much too large to fit on the original cover that I had planned for the book.”


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