Announcing the winners of the The Girl and the Stars Art Contest


First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time and submitted an entry (or more) to this competition, as well as to Mark Lawrence and Pen Astridge for their help in considering the submissions. Once again we were grateful to receive so many wonderful pieces and appreciate all the different depictions of Mark’s characters.

Without futher ado, the three winning entries of this competition are:


Many congratulations to Mayticks for winning first place with her entry “We Share A Bond” (12 points)


to Mathilda Spabo for winning second place with her entry “Abbess Glass and Nona” (10 points)


and to Aurélia Quéré for winning third place with her entry “Ancrath Brothers” (9 points)



We’d also like to give a special mention to the runner-up, @braincells, for her entry “Escape”


Once again very many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. Please find all entries one more time below:

1. “The Girl and the Stars” by Laura Jaycie


2. Pixel Yaz by Derek


3. “Mistress Shade” by Peter Blease


4. “We Share A Bond” by Mayticks


5. “Nona and Keot” by Becca Horner


6. “The Escape” by @braincells


7. “Gazing” by Sarah White


8. “Nona and the shipheart” by Helen Dart


9. “Ad Astra Per Aspera” by Aurél Gesztelyi


10. “Tarkax the Ice Spear” by Emmett Hanold


11. “Red Kent” by Emmett Hanold


11. “Chasing a star” by Jesse Taylor


12. “Snorri and Jalan approach the Hel-Tree” by Will Oleksy


13. Ruli and Jula by Mathilda Spabo


14. Abbess Glass and Nona by Mathilda Spabo


15. Glass and Malkin by Mathilda Spabo


16. Abbess Glass at the Trial by Mathilda Spabo


17. Nona and Kettle by Mathilda Spabo


18. “Ara x Nona” by Mathilda Spabo


19. “Sisters of the Cage” by Mathilda Spabo


20. Sister Pan by Mathilda Spabo


21. Sister Apple and Kettle by Mathilda Spabo


22. “Ancrath Brothers” by Aurélia Quéré


23. “Works of Art” by Raksha


24. “That’s a Beauty” (a scene from Gunlaw) by Thomas Goldbach


25. “The Hole” by Christy Wood


26. Gog by Andrew Krey



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