Holy Sister Teaser 2

“‘I’m sure Nona can have a disagreement without punching anyone in the face.’ Markus returned Regol’s stare. ‘Not everyone who climbs out of the ring just steps into a bigger one.’
Regol shrugged, that mocking smile of his firmly in place. ‘The whole Corridor is a ring around Abeth, brother. And when the ice squeezes, everyone fights.’
‘Go away,’ Markus said.
Regol opened his mouth with some reply but a puzzled look overtook him. He turned to go, then spun back as if he had forgotten something.
‘You would rather be watching the fights.’ Markus spoke without emphasis but the waves of power bleeding from him shocked Nona with their intensity. It was as if someone had opened a furnace door and an unexpected wall of heat had broken across her.
Regol turned back and walked off without comment.
‘He won’t be pleased when that wears off,’ Nona said.
‘No.’ Markus nodded. ‘But it would have been worse if he’d stayed longer. He didn’t like me at all, and we both know why.’
‘Oh.’ Nona laughed, though it came out wrong. ‘Regol’s not like that. He flirts with all the girls. The ladies of the Sis practically worship—’
‘It’s you he wants, Nona. You don’t have to be an empath to know that.’”


The Third Book of the Ancestor, Holy Sister, can be pre-ordered on Amazon US and UK. Pre-orders help authors and the publication of their upcoming books tremendously, please consider supporting Mark and the series by pre-ordering the third volume early on.

The art featured in this post is by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

The photo featured in the banner is by Raulla Merhej


  1. This might be the only thing thats disappointed me about the book. Nona is such a great character and didnt feel like she needed a romantic interest at all.


    1. She is not just a character, she is a person. A young woman. Presenting her life in a way that suggests that no one around her has feelings for her or she doesn’t have feelings for anyone would be unrealistic.
      Having said that romance isn’t a central theme in this trilogy, it’s only there in traces.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so excited for Holy Sister I might just burst out of my skin !

    Oooh ! Not a good mental image there !
    But it’s definitely how it feels ! 😀

    I’m enjoying all the relationship dynamics around Nona and I really enjoyed reading Bound. Mark Lawrence is just slaying it with Book Of The Ancestor ! x


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