Announcing the winner of the Grey Sister Art Contest


A big thank you for all the amazing works we received for this contest. It was hard to select just one winner when so many other entries would deserve a prize. After careful consideration we finally agreed on the winning entry to be


‘Sisters of Sweet Mercy’ by banishedshadow 






Once again very many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. Please find all entries one more time below:


1. Chella raises the dead’ by Jess Robson


2. ‘Red Sister’ by Jason Deem


3. Nona by Jess Robson

    “Billem Smithson tried to hurt me. This was inside him.”


4. ‘Broken Empire Girl Squad’ (Katherine, Miana, Lesha, Chella and Jane) by Mayticks


5. Nona by Tenille Evans


6. ‘Sister Cage’ by banishedshadow


7. ‘Sisters of Sweet Mercy’ by banishedshadow 



8. Hessa and Abbess Glass’ cat, Malkin by Mayticks


9. Jorg Ancrath by Krystal Ball


10. ‘Jorg of Thorns‘ by Tibor Paštrnák


11. ‘Nona Caged’ by Rakotomanana Mialisoa 


12. Sister Thorn by Francesca Tacchi


13. ‘Contemplation at the sinkhole’ by Rhian Galea


14. ‘Shipheart’ by Thomas Goldbach


15. ‘Shadowless’ by Reide Perigo 


16. ‘He grabbed her hand’ by Lauren Newburg


17. Jorg by Nikos Michailidis (Realm of Dementia)


18. Brother Sim by seniseni 


19. Baraqel by Breanne Chita (work in progress)


20. Blade path by Κωνσταντίνα Κωνσταντίνα




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