Grey Sister Teaser 2


“And with that push Abbess Glass set a new game in play, one domino falling into the next. So many pieces to fall, so many chances to fail. No one but her understood the game yet, but that didn’t mean she would win it. A thrill of fear ran through her. But the ice pressed in on both sides and somewhere high above them the moon continued its fall. It was time to move.”

Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence



Red Sister has made the list of nominees for the Goodreads Choice Awards for Fantasy 2017!

Given the fierce competition this year it is already a big accomplishment that the book managed to squeeze into the category, but to make it to the final, which would give a huge boost to the series, the Convent of Sweet Mercy will need all the votes it can get. If you loved the book please consider supporting the series and vote for Red Sister:



May the Ancestor watch over you!

Grey Sister can now be pre-ordered on Amazon US and UK.

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