Related Sister – art and photos reminiscent of the world of Red Sister

I’d like to collect photos and art here that might remind us of the characters or the world of The Book of the Ancestor series. Please let me or Mark know if you come across one and I’ll add it on.



“On the shore of the starry sky” by Aleksei Vinogradov


The Tatev Monastery is perched atop a large basalt plateau cut into gorge by the Vorotan River in Armenia.


“Red Moon – Moonburst” by tamaiyoku


“Lady soldier” by Jose Barrero


“None” by Solo


Screenshots fromBlack narcissus monastery“, with many thanks to T.o. Munro for the recommendation


Arctic Ice, photo by Irene Quaile, with many thanks to Bryn Williams for the suggestion


The Khor Virap monastery in Armenia, with many thanks to Adriano de l’Orange and Leona Henry for the suggestion



The Flatirons, Colorado, with many thanks to Beverly Collie for the suggestion


Red Sun, photo by Beverly Collie


Putna Monastery, Romania, with many thanks to Liana Lixandru for the suggestion


By Song Nan Li, with many thanks to Kyllian Guillart for the suggestion


Oksana by Sophia Buzakova


Ravens in Snow by Mike Reeves


Corvo Attano Concept Art by Arkane Studios


Ciri by Wojtek Fus


Ciri by Tomasz Jedruszek


In a cave by Aleksei Vinogradov


Crow’s Abbey by gkaster



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