Three shades of Red


In case you haven’t heard the US cover for Red Sister (First Book in the Book of the Ancestor trilogy) was revealed this Monday over at Fantasy-Faction. Feast your eyes upon the beautiful artwork by Bastien Lecouff Deharme, the finalised cover after the designers at Ace Books did some work on it, and finally the Nendo-Cover-Art version by Pen Astridge!











All links Red:

Red Sister – The story so far… (General information on the book and how it came to be)

Link to the Red Sister Acquisition Announcement from the London Book Fair on Mark’s blog

Links to pre-order Red Sister on Amazon US and UK (Please consider doing so as pre-orders greatly help both the series and the author.)

My blog post on beta-reading the trilogy (spoiler-free)

First reviews of Red Sister

Acknowledgements Page



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