The Wheel of Osheim is out now!



The Wheel of Osheim, the third book of the Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence,  is out in the U.S. today from Ace Books and was released by HarperVoyager in the UK last Thursday, 2nd June 2016!


“All the horrors of Hell stand between Snorri Ver Snagason and the rescue of his family, if indeed the dead can be rescued. For Jalan Kendeth getting back out alive and with Loki’s Key is all that matters. Loki’s creation can open any lock, any door, and it may also be the key to Jal’s fortune back in the living world. Jal plans to return to the three W’s that have been the core of his idle and debauched life: wine, women, and wagering. Fate however has other, larger, plans… The Wheel of Osheim is turning ever faster and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped. When the end of all things looms, and there’s nowhere to run, even the worst coward must find new answers.

Jal and Snorri face many dangers – from the corpse-hordes of the Dead King to the many mirrors of the Lady Blue; but in the end, fast or slow, the Wheel of Osheim will exert its power.

In the end it’s win or die.”



Praise for The Wheel of Osheim:

“Lawrence has pulled off a coupe-de-grace, a stunning conclusion to a trilogy which set an already high bar.” – Chris Meadows at SFandFReviews

“In wrapping up his third and final chapter of The Red Queen’s War, Mark Lawrence has truly outdone himself. I would actually go so far as to say that this is his best book, hands down, and that is no lie.” – Beauty in Ruins

“In my review of The Liar’s Key I wrote that Mark Lawrence had done himself proud with that book, well……The Wheel of Osheim far eclipses that as I feel this is his best book to date. To end the trilogy Mark Lawrence has crafted an outstandingly complex and engrossing book and now that it’s over I can write that just like The Broken Empire trilogy before it, with The Red Queen’s War Mark Lawrence has created yet another fantastic fantasy series that fully deserves to be added to any and every best of fantasy series list out there for many years to come.” – TheTattooedBookGeek

The Wheel of Osheim presents everything our followers could want in a fantasy book.” – Grimdark Magazine

“In conclusion what can I say but this is an amazing piece of literary genius! This book has built upon the extraordinary solid foundation of the first two books and takes this series to a new level of greatness. I will put these books proudly on display, on the self next to Tolkien and Martin.” – MightyThorJRSTWoO

“I have no hesitation in recommending this book and this series. I think it’s absolutely brilliant and the ending is rather spectacularly twisted. This book is an absolute thrill ride of an adventure that had me gripped to the page and reading late into the night.” – Lynn’s Book Blog

“The Wheel of Osheim is a masterpiece. You need to read The Red Queen’s War trilogy. The end. Full stop.” – The Bibliosanctum

“This series is right up there in the pantheon of my fav fantasy reads… and Wheel of Osheim completes it in true style, a must read. Highly recommended!” – Parmenion Books

“With over a million copies sold and two quality series under his belt, Mark Lawrence now deserves to be ranked among the very best fantasy authors out there. […] If you have yet to do so, give that thorn guy a shot! These two superior trilogies are well worth your time and are highly recommended! – Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“Though he seems far too incorrigible to be contained in one trilogy, The Wheel of Osheim is an admirable conclusion to Jal’s saga. Though not as shocking or as visceral as the end of Jorg’s tale, Osheim is somehow more satisfying, tying off each thread with gentle finality – including Snorri’s heartrending tale, woven in and around the main story since book one.” – Laura M. Hughes


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