Nendo-Cover-Arts by Pen Astridge


As I found out when I interviewed Pen AstridgeNendo-Cover-Arts‘ meant the following:

“Nendo = short for Nendoroid, a chibi style figure distributed by Goodsmile Company. Cover-Art = as in the cover art of a book, but also used in the way you would with music i.e.: a cover song. They’re essentially a replica of an existing cover replacing the subject with a nendoroid.

It all started when I realised I had too many nendoroids and I was running out of room to store them. It was then that I decided to do what any sane person would do – take pictures of them. That then led to the epiphany of posing them as cover art because regular poses were just not that interesting. 

Also, I know a lot of authors pour their hearts and souls into their work and I’d like to think I can give them a little smile for their efforts.”

Since she has created two full sets now, one for each Mark Lawrence novels with a cover by Jason Chan, I thought it would be good to see them all together in one post.









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