Prince of Thorns trailer draft


I wrote this a good while back and posted it on Facebook and /r/Fantasy  at the time. Yesterday someone asked me however whether he could use it in an attempt to actually create such trailer. Of course I said yes, and decided to feature the draft here, too, in case anyone else would feel inspired to give it a go. Or make another one! Let us know! – Agnes


Soundtrack – perhaps something like this starts:

Camera showing wrecked lands, dark, storm is brewing Jorg’s voice: ‘The world is already poisoned, Sir Makin.’ Makin’s voice: ‘So the plan is?’

Lightning flicks across the landscape. Studio credits. Thunder.

Lich Road. Rain pouring down in the dark. Some more lightning. Jorg is standing alone in the middle of the road, arms held out. Raindrops trickling down his face, determined eyes.

Jorg: ‘There is a reason I’m going to win this war. It’s because I understand the game.’ Camera zooms out and shows the dead closing on around him in a circle.

Music changes to something more dramatic like this.

Scene changes. Jorg as a child in the thorn bush, wide, terrified eyes mirroring the horror of events taking place.

Scene changes. Tall Castle shown from a bird’s eye view. Camera zooming in slowly. At the same time Jorg says: ‘For the longest time I studied revenge to the exclusion of all else. I built my first torture chamber in the dark vaults of imagination. Lying on bloody sheets in the Healing Hall I discovered doors within my mind that I’d not found before, doors that even a child of nine knows should not be opened. Doors that never close again. I threw them wide.’

Jorg and Lundist in the courtyard of the Tall Castle. Lundist; ‘What else do you hear?’ Jorg with eyes closed:: ‘I hear birdsong. Skylarks.’ Lundist: ‘What else? Deeper!’ Jorg: ‘Fluttering’ ‘A flag!’ Lundist: ‘Which flag? Don’t look. Just tell me.’ Lundist: ‘Well?’ Jorg: ‘The execution flag. Back on scarlet.’

Scene changes: Showing the brothers in their cells. Then the Nuban on the table, Grebbin, Berrec, Jorg around him. Jorg: ‘ He’s very black.’ Berrec: ‘He’s a Nuban is what he is.’ Jorg: ‘ Why are you burning him?’ Berrec: ‘He’s got the devil in him.’ Jorg addressing the Nuban: ‘Are you dangerous?’ Nuban, smiling: ‘Yes.’

Scene changes. The Gorge of Leucrota. Brothers and monsters on view. Jane: ‘You bring death, Prince of Ancrath. You have a dark hand on your shoulder. A hole in your mind A hole in your memories.’ Jorg looks at her.

Scene changes: Mount Honas. Necromancers, skeletons. Jorg’s voice: ‘ That Jorg, that Prince Jorg, he’s got a madness in him. A stranger to reason, a little in love with death perhaps?’ Jane’s voice; ‘ When you meet her, run. Just run.’ Showing Chella on screen.

Scene changes. Jorg and Katherine in the Tall Castle. Katherine is looking at his arm. Katherine: ‘What are these?’ Scars showing.

Scene changes: Tall Castle throne room Everyone watching Makin duelling Galen. Sageous to Jorg: So, you open your game by sacrificing your knight, Prince Jorg.’ Jorg:’ I have no problems with sacrifice, heathen.’

Scene changes: Tourney field. Showing Corion sitting on the bench. Corion: ‘How could you think you can defy me?’ Sir James advancing toward Jorg with his heavy axe shouting: ‘ Yield!’ Jorg steadying himself against the attack; ‘ I’ll die when I’m ready.’ Weapons clashing.

Screen goes dark. Release date showing.

Jorg’s voice: ‘Tell me, tutor, is revenge a science or an art?’





Art by Broken Empire Brasil

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