The Bookmark Contest


il_570xN.539154555_gmhvThis post is to announce a contest in which we’re looking to receive Broken Empire or Red Queen’s War themed bookmarks. Or if you’re feeling specially adventurous you can create one in anticipation of Mark’s upcoming new series featuring a female protagonist, Red Sister, based on the prologue you can find here. There are no special rules as to what materials, pictures etc. you can use, but if you’re using artwork created by someone else, please credit the artist in your entry.


The entries will be considered by Mark Lawrence, artist Tom Brown (please read my interview with him here) and myself.


swords1As prizes we’re giving away three signed (or if so wished dedicated) copies of Prince of Fools to the three best entries and also there will be a random (and good) prize to a random winner!

You can submit as many entries as you like.


The contest will be closing on Sunday, 23rd August 2015.


We very much look forward to seeing your entries!

Best of luck,

Mark, Tom & Agnes




To enter the contest please email your entry to us by

clicking HERE.



Due to individual setups the Mailto link might not work properly in some cases.

If that happens for you just drop me a message through the contact form and I get back to you – A




Contest entries:


#1 by Vo Vio

Vo Vio


#2 by Anderson Tiago



#3 by Mike M. & Daughter




#4 by Brock Marie



#5 by Nikolett Bordán



#6 by Ágota Marczell



#7 by Josh T.



#8 by Pen Astridge



#9 by Brock Marie

Brock Marie2


 #10 by Juan Pablo Cartasso

Jorg señaladorv2


#11 by Alicia Wanstall-Burke



#12 by Alicia Wanstall-Burke

Broken Empire Bookmark Katherine


#13 by Alicia Wanstall-Burke

Broken Empire Bookmark Alica


#14 by Artur Lucchi



#15 by Juan Pablo Cartasso

Jorg emperor of thorns v2


#16 by Mia

horizontal bookmark


#17 by Mia

pop-up bookmark


#18 by Mia

RS teaser


#19 by Mia

Red Sister beady bookmark


#20 by Tabitha Tomala



#21 by Tabitha Tomala



#22 by John Stewart





#23 by Angelo Benuzzi



#24 by Andrew Angel



#25 by Brock Marie



#26 by Anna Terhes



#27 by Mia

poor puppy bookmark


#28 by Mia

stretchy bookmark


#29 by Mia

wwjd design


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