About ME

Following this recent reddit thread ‘Mark Lawrence interviews Myke Cole’ and various other things I came across on the internet I felt I had stop hiding behind the dashboard and make it clear that though this site is dedicated to Mark Lawrence, and his works, it’s not him who manages it, but me. He very kindly accepted my request to be one of the judges of the writing contest here, but otherwise is not involved in running this webpage or interviewing the other judges. (Hence the word ‘unofficial’ in the title as opposed to his own ‘official’ page, which is here.)

It wasn’t my intention to confuse anyone, I simply wished the focus to be on Mark and not on me, and didn’t think it was important to provide further information about myself other than what I have already enclosed in the contest announcement. It seems I was wrong, but I fixed it! Here you can now find out more about me, too, and hopefully this will clear any confusions!

Lots of thanks.




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