1. First of all, your books are great. And you was right that we(I at least) would miss more of Jorg.
    As suggest, I would like to see more informations about the Builders (at Brazil version was Construtores) and how the Broken Empire has born.


    1. Hi Rafael,

      It’s great to hear you’ve been enjoying the books!
      In hindsight this post could have been clearer as it was meant to be an invitation to comment and make suggestions on the contents of this new website, rather than the books. Regardless, you will almost certainly enjoy the next book out, Prince of Fools, the first book of The Red Queen’s War series, which is also set in the Broken Empire and will have more on the Builders, too. There are two Jorg short stories (https://thatthornguy.com/short-stories-2/), also, but unfortunately I don’t think there are Brazilian translations for them yet.

      Many thanks for your comment!


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